Here are the definition of some important terms in Greek life and recruitment!

Alumnae Advisory Board

Chi Omega alumnae who volunteer their time to work with a chapter and provide leadership and continuity.

A fully initiated member of a fraternity or sorority with full chapter privileges and responsibilities.

Bid Day
The day each sorority welcomes new members.

Big Sister
An active member who serves as a friend, confidante, and mentor to a new member. She is paired with a new member known as her Little Sister.  She helps her “Little” navigate Greek life and is an important source of support and friendship for a new member–even after she has been initiated!

Cardinal Cabinet
A vehicle through which all members may be involved in the chapter’s programming. Directors each lead a team of chapter members. The chapter secretary oversees the Cardinal Cabinet.

There are six committees in the Cardinal Cabinet:

  • Sisterhood
  • Friendship/Social
  • Marketing
  • Alumnae Relations
  • Personal and Career Development
  • Philanthropy

The local group which represents a segment of the national organization.

Chi O Creations
A boutique/merchandising store which markets official Chi Omega sports wear and memorabilia to our members. Chi O Creations is a not-for-profit entity of the Fraternity. All of the proceeds are returned to the Fraternity to underwrite educational programming for our members.

Chi Omega Badge
Chi Omega’s badge is a monogram of the Greek letter “Chi” superimposed over the Greek letter “Omega” in raised gold or silver. Each Initiated member purchases a badge.

Chi Omega Crest
Chi Omega’s Crest was adopted in 1902. The crest portrays emblems known and loved by Chi Omegas.  The crest represents the important lore and symbolism of Chi Omega.

Chi Omega Foundation
The fund-raising organization of Chi Omega. Its purpose through contributions from members, is to underwrite leadership, educational, and charitable programs.

A celebration each year in honor of our Founders.

The Eleusis
The official magazine of Chi Omega Fraternity. Members automatically receive a lifetime subscription!

Executive Headquarters
Chi Omega’s national office where all Fraternity business is conducted. Located in Memphis, Tennessee, the Executive Headquarters is also the home of the Chi Omega Foundation, Chi O Creations, and the Fraternity’s National Archives.

A member of a fraternity or sorority.  It is common to hear someone say they are part of “Greek life,” “have gone Greek,” or are “Greek.”  This is referring to their fraternity involvement, not their heritage!

House Corporation Board
Chi Omega alumnae who manage the material assets of a chapter, including Wright House!

A ceremony new members experience upon completion of the New Member Program where the secrets of Chi Omega are revealed. Afterwards, new members are considered active members.

Interfraternity Council (IFC)
The governing body of male fraternities on a college/university campus.

National Consultants
Chi Omega alumnae who assist chapters with leadership and educational programming. Every chapter is visited by one of the National Consultants at least once each year.

New Member Pin
Chi Omega’s new member pin is a black enamel oval edged with gold. The Greek letters Chi and Omega are in the center. Each new member receives a new member pin during her new member period. Once the new member is initiated, she replaces the new member pin for the Chi Omega badge.

National Panhellenic Conference.

Owl Pal
An active member assigned to a new member on a weekly basis at the beginning of her new member experience.  Recently, Owl Pals have become a weekly part of all Theta Delta sisters to encourage interaction with a wide variety of girls!

Panhellenic Council
The governing body of women’s fraternities on the college/university campus. Panhellenic is committed to Greek unity and cooperation.

Recruit or PNM
A person interested in becoming a member of a fraternity or sorority.


A time during which new members are selected.

Recruitment Counselor

Recruitment counselors are selected from each of the three sororities on campus and help the prospective new members on their journey in recruitment.  Part of their responsibility is to remain anonymous and provide objective feedback and guidance, especially when it is time for a girl to choose which sorority she wishes to join.  We do not want to sway a girl towards one sorority or another if it is not where she truly belongs or would be happiest!

Six Purposes
The six ideals that guide the direction of all of Chi Omega’s programming. Those purposes are Friendship, High Standards of Personnel, Sincere Learning and Creditable Scholarship, Participation in Campus Activities, Career Development, and Community Service.


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