Scholarship is an extremely important value in Chi Omega: “Scholarship before social obligations.” We constantly support our sisters in their academic pursuits and achievements. Scholarship first! In fact, 16 girls made Dean’s List for the Spring 2015 semester, with many of our sisters achieving 4.0s! Our sisters are dedicated to their education. Scholarship programs include the following:

  • Mandatory Study Hours based on the previous semester’s GPA
  • Mandatory scholarship workshops to help our members develop better study habits
  • Weekly study tips
  • Tutors available within the chapter
  • Weekly “A Team” shoutouts (which celebrates the girls who got an “A” on an assignment that week)
  • GPA goals and academic goals
  • An end of the year scholarship banquet which gives recognition to girls who have achieved excellence in academics

We have a variety of majors in Chi Omega. There are sociology, Exercise Science, Psychology, English, Biochemistry, Biology, Business Administration, Business, Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, Chemistry, Photography, Marketing, Elementary Education, Actuarial Science, Graphic Communications, Public Health, and more! Our sisters often tutor each other andย offer support during tough periods in the semester, such as midterms and finals!

Contact our Vice President and Scholarship Director Katy McMullenย at with any questions!